Augment Customer Communication With Intelligent Chatbots

  • Reduces message response time
  • Lowers operating costs
  • Handles customer messages during non-working hours


decrease in contact center load


reduction in customer queues

Increase Business Efficiency
and Reduce Costs

Improve Agent Efficiency

Empower agents to reduce ticket times by quickly solving customer issues.

Ease Workload

Reduce agent burnout by using automation that enables bots to solve routine queries.

Be Available 24/7

Make sure you’re always there for your customers even during your non-working hours.

Use Chatbots for Every Step
of Your Customer’s Journey


Use bots to engage in one-on-one conversations with customers to understand what they want.

Improve Qualified Lead Generation

Qualify your leads by taking actions based on the customers’ replies.

Convert Visitors Into Paying Customers

Chatbots can take customers through sales processes quickly with the help of predefined conversation flows.

Nurture Relationships With Customers

Deploy bots to nurture the relationships formed with your customers, keep them informed about new product launches, loyalty program points accrued, etc.

Deploy Chatbots
on Multiple Channels

Use chatbots for multiple platforms like WhatsApp, Web Chat, Messenger, etc. to provide customer support, nudge users toward purchases, receive complaints, onboard customers, and more on multiple platforms.

Create Seamless Chatbot Experiences
That Delight Customers

Enjoy Seamless Transfers Between
Bots and Live Agents

Enjoy automated handing over of complex queries from bots to human agents. Also enable agents to transfer simple queries to bots.

Optimize a Single Bot for Multiple
Channels and Vice Versa

Customize and train a single bot and deploy it across multiple platforms like web chat, in-app chat, as well as on various social messengers. Once deployed, the bot can be continuously trained by your contact center agents for more personalized customer communication. Alternatively, you can deploy multiple bots on a single channel.

Automate Conversations
to Minimize Customer Efforts

Short Commands

Enable customer service agents to fetch customer data from other systems directly into the chat window.

Quick Response

Reduce agent efforts in typing the full message by providing Quick Response options.


Automatically determine the subject of the message and route the query to the right specialist.


Auto-tag incoming messages to segment your customers into different groups that can be targeted with personalized offers.

Chat Suggest

This feature provides the operator with possible responses to the request by taking into account the previous decisions of the operators when choosing the proposed answers.

Want to use chatbots to drive customer conversations?

Achieve More With Our
Chat Center

Integrate Intelligent Chatbots with our Chat Center to deliver seamless, contextual experiences across channels and achieve higher customer satisfaction rates.

Connecting your Intelligent Chatbots channel with our Chat Center gives you more bang for your buck. With our Chat Center, you can easily manage all cross-channel communication from a single interface. Additionally, the Chat Center offers multiple features:

  • It captures and stores all past conversations of a customer with your brand, no matter what the channel, equipping agents to solve customer issues quickly and efficiently.
  • It also automatically routes all incoming queries to the most relevant agent based on various customer parameters, organizational team segmentations, technical scenarios.
  • Our chat center comes with unique features that make it far superior to similar solutions available in the market. For one, it has the capability to automatically complete requests. Also, agents can not only see the typing status of the customers, but see the actual text the client is typing. They can also request additional data from the customer’s systems by using commands.
  • Our Chat Center also has a built-in script for post-processing of requests. It can automatically transition agents to the inactive mode when not in use. It also comes with a tool for the supervisor like sending instructions to agents, taking over the thread, forcing transferring of the thread, and so on.