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Augment customer communication with intelligent chat bots

Add new member to your customer support team to achieve your business goals

Reduce Operational Cost

Are your contact center operational costs burgeoning due to ever increasing number of digital communication channels and customer expectations? edna bots can help you not only to cut costs but also increase the productivity of your agents by automating messaging on social messengers. They can even help scale your operations to run 24/7 without additional financial burden.

Build Once Deploy Many

edna bots have universal usability. Once you have customized and trained the bots, you can deploy them on multiple platforms – live chat on web and app and various social messengers. Once deployed bots can be continuously trained by your contact center agents for more personalized customer communication, no developers required.

Boost Customer Engagement

Deployment of chat bots results in considerable reduction in response time. You can train bots for your industry specific pre-defined scenarios, automate greeting messages, analyze incoming messages for customer segmentation all contributing towards higher customer satisfaction. And all this you can do it at scale maintaining positive consistent customer experience.

Meet the Bot Team

Scale new heights with edna’s chatbot solutions

Meeter-Greeter Bot

Quick response is key at the start of every conversation. Meeter Greeter is our frontline bot who helps you automate greeting messages, proactively engage customers and filter out any spam or abusive messages. It frees up operator’s time to collect initial customer query.

Tag Bot

Tag Bot is our heavy lifter who leverages the power of AI and Natural Language Processing for precise identification of tonality and topic of the conversation to reduce number of response exchanges. It executes smart tagging and routing of messages to right operators for speedy resolution of customer query.

Suggest Bot

Right response to customer query plays an important role in overall customer experience and satisfaction. Suggest Bot is your agent’s true assistant. It enables agents to respond quickly and correctly by providing response suggestions based on the content topic. It eases their effort of typing in the whole message. It also provides customer insights based on data from connected third party systems and customer chat history to help serve customers better.

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