Create Your Customized WhatsApp Widget Today!

Create a customized chat button with your chosen design, color, and CTA for your website

Top Benefits of Using
a WhatsApp Chat Widget

Boost Conversions

Help customers directly get on to chat with you via a WhatsApp button so you can provide timely support that increases conversions

Improve Service Quality

Boost customer satisfaction scores significantly by having live chat support available to customers

Be Easy to Spot and Contact

Make it easy for your website visitors to reach out to your business for help immediately

Stand Out With Customization

Choose your preferred color and template design, select your profile picture, draft a unique welcome message, choose the widget’s positioning, and more!

How to Create Your Widget


Customize Your Bubble CTA Icon

You need to choose the bubble’s color, text, the bubble icon, and where you want it to appear


Customize Your Widget

You need to select your brand or operator name, your brand logo or some other image, the welcome message, and the color


Generate Your Widget and Insert It to Your Website

After customizing, you only need to click on the “Generate Widget Code” button and add the code to all pages of your site

Widget Constructor
Brand Image
Typically replies within a day
Customise chat button settings - Choose chat button design
09.25 AM
Bubble icon
Copy and paste this code before the </Body> tag on every page of your website.


The WhatsApp chat widget helps you to add the WhatsApp Click-to-Chat link to your website for free. Your website visitors can simply click on the widget to start chatting with your business.

Yes, it’s absolutely free!

Embedding the widget to your website is easy and involves only a few steps! You need to:
1. Choose relevant parameters in our editor and begin creating your own customized widget.
2. Personalize the widget’s specifications as per your brand’s needs and apply the improvements.
3. Add the unique code you will find displayed in the window to your homepage and save it.

Congrats! Your widget is now available on your website! Faced any hiccups during the set-up? Get in touch with our customer support team now!

Yes, there are multiple customization options for your WhatsApp button and widget. You can choose from them to suit your brand’s specific needs.

Our free configurator allows you to create a WhatsApp chat widget visually even without registering. You can easily embed the created widget for free. To plug it in to your platform:

1. Receive a custom embed code from us

2. Go to the admin panel and move on to a website builder

3. Paste the HTML section in your website builder

Your widget will soon start functioning. You can add the widget on different platforms including Shopify, Magento, WordPress, Wix, and Drupal. In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team.