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Safety With End-to-End Encryption

Drive Higher Engagement With These Innovative Apple Business Use Cases

Product usage types

Manage and resolve most customer issues quickly and super-efficiently via bots or human agents on chat, reducing the need for phone calls.

Keep Customers Informed

Share a variety of service-related updates like shipping updates, appointment reminders, and so on with your customers so they don’t have to keep guessing.

Provide a Guided Shopping Experience

Recommend products to customers based on their past interactions with your brand.

Quickly Collect Customer Feedback

Make it easy for customers to leave feedback on chat so you can act on it.

Want to take your brand experience to the next level
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John Hopper
Marketing Manager
Our call center was under tremendous pressure handling call volumes, which had risen significantly post covid. Customers would call up for simple questions, like checking their order status, order cancellations, requesting address changes, checking their loyalty points, etc. and had to be kept waiting. With Apple Business Chat powered by edna, they could reach out to us easily at a convenient time and leave us a message. As Apple Business Chat could be easily integrated with our existing systems like the CRM, our agents could easily get a near 360-degree view of the customer’s past history with our brand, and be more empowered to resolve customer questions quickly. A single agent could carry on multiple conversations simultaneously, which was not possible over phone. Our first-contact query resolution rates increased significantly and the pressure on our contact centers eased up thanks to Apple Business Chat.

Simplify User Onboarding, Conversion
and Retention With Apple Messages
for Business

Promote Products for Sale on Messages App

Create an «in-store experience» in the native messages app on Apple devices by sharing exclusive product lists for customers to browse through. See your direct sales go through the roof.

Onboard Customers Easily With Message Suggest

Use Apple’s Message Suggest feature to help your customers reach out to you directly via messages from their iOS devices. All you need is a registered business phone number, clicking on which they can choose the message option to start chatting with you.

Verify Your Customer’s Identity within Chat

Prevent fraud by using secure authentication features to verify your customer’s identity, all within the messages app.

Enable Hassle-Free Payments Using Apple Pay

Prevent fraud by using secure authentication features to verify your customer’s identity, all within the messages app.

Help Customers Schedule Appointments

Let your customers choose their preferred time — whether for an appointment, booking a table at restaurant, or even when they want their products delivered — with the help of Time Picker, a scheduling tool that integrates with the native calendar app.

Achieve More With Our
Chat Center

Integrate Apple Business with our Chat Center to deliver seamless, contextual experiences across channels and achieve higher customer satisfaction rates.

Connecting your Apple Business channel with our Chat Center gives you more bang for your buck. With our Chat Center, you can easily manage all cross-channel communication from a single interface. Additionally, the Chat Center offers multiple features:

  • It captures and stores all past conversations of a customer with your brand, no matter what the channel, equipping agents to solve customer issues quickly and efficiently.
  • It also automatically routes all incoming queries to the most relevant agent based on various customer parameters, organizational team segmentations, technical scenarios.
  • Our chat center comes with unique features that make it far superior to similar solutions available in the market. For one, it has the capability to automatically complete requests. Also, agents can not only see the typing status of the customers, but see the actual text the client is typing. They can also request additional data from the customer’s systems by using commands.
  • Our Chat Center also has a built-in script for post-processing of requests. It can automatically transition agents to the inactive mode when not in use. It also comes with a tool for the supervisor like sending instructions to agents, taking over the thread, forcing transferring of the thread, and so on.