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Apple Messages for Business – Promoting User Convenience Like Never Before

Reach Hundreds of Millions of Apple Users on Their Native Messages App Using Our Platform!

Simplify User Onboarding, Conversion and Retention With
Apple Messages for Business

Create an “in-store experience” in the native messages app on Apple devices by sharing exclusive product lists for customers to browse through. See your direct sales go through the roof.

Numerous Entry Points – One Single Chat Interface!

With Apple Messages for Business, connecting with a potential customer gets way easier. You can simply make your registered Business Chat button available on your website, emails, social media, or Apple maps, and the Apple user can instantly start chatting with you by clicking on the button. The result? An incredibly satisfying user experience!


Apple Maps



Message Suggest

Social Media

Deliver Streamlined Communication With edna’s Automate Feature

edna’s powerful automate feature takes care of all your communication needs over messaging. Its advanced technology helps you automate thousands of tasks by gauging user intent – be it offering hotel bookings, helping your users change flight seats, booking delivery slots – and also re-route complex queries to a human operator.

You get to not just save time and resources, but also stay connected to customers 24×7, driving greater customer engagement and growth.

edna integration with Apple Business Chat

Get the Full Picture on Customer Engagement With edna’s Analytics Dashboards

Is your Messages platform giving you the returns you had hoped for? Are you able to track your customers’ online footprint and analyze the data generated to improve your services and offerings? With edna’s analytics dashboards, you can. Our robust dashboards help you easily monitor the number of taps on your registered phone numbers on websites, iOS app and anywhere on iOS 13+ devices to help you measure call-to-chat conversions.

You can also identify areas of improvement by tracking intent data and measuring performance across intent metrics such as sales conversion per intent, daily active users per intent, average CSAT per intent, and resolution cost per intent.

Tell us about your business specific needs and challenges and we will explore how our solution can help you achieve business success.