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Develop and share QR codes that enable leads and customers to start chatting with you on the world’s favourite messaging app with a single click.

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Share your brand’s unique QR

Share your brand’s unique QR code on your webpages, emails, social media posts, store signages, product packaging, flyers, and more.

Help audiences connect

Help audiences connect with your brand seamlessly on the world’ most popular chat platform, even when they don’t have your number saved on their phone.

Improve conversion rates

Improve conversion rates by making it easy for customers to reach you and offering immediate and personalized assistance.

WhatsApp QR Code Generator

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What is a QR Code?

A QR code (a quick response code) is a barcode that stores information as a series of pixels in a uniquely patterned, black and white, square-shaped grid. It can be easily read by a digital device. Most smartphones today can easily process the information contained in a QR code’s pixel arrangement.

How does the WhatsApp QR code generator work?

This free tool generates wa.me WhatsApp click-to-chat links in the form of QR codes, which brands can share with customers for them to click on it and start chatting. You can also include a unique message (a greeting, an inquiry prompt, etc.) that will automatically appear in the text field of the user’s WhatsApp chat window once they scan the QR code and open the chat. The QR code, when scanned by a smartphone camera or a QR code scanner app, triggers the device’s WhatsApp application to open a chat window with the provided phone number. The WhatsApp QR Code generator simplifies the process of initiating conversations on WhatsApp. It offers a seamless, efficient, and personalized way for brands to engage with their customers, leading to better customer experiences, higher engagement rates, and potentially increased sales and brand loyalty.

Does the customer need to put in special efforts to scan the QR code in WhatsApp?

Scanning the code requires no special effort on the part of the customer. Most smartphones today come equipped with a QR code reader integrated into their camera app, enabling automatic QR code recognition simply when customers point their cameras towards the code. On scanning the code, the consumer is redirected to the chat window of the brand’s official WhatsApp account and can start chatting immediately, whether with a human agent or a chatbot.

Which industries can benefit from using a WhatsApp QR code?

Having a WhatsApp QR code can be advantageous for many industries including retail, FMCG, food & beverage, travel and hospitality, banking and financial services, healthcare, auto, education, and more. Potential customers can click on the QR codes shared by the business and be led to their WhatsApp chat portal, where they can seek assistance with shopping, ask questions, look at menus, choose items from product or service catalogs, book appointments, and do more in a highly convenient and pain-free way. WhatsApp helps businesses stay closely connected with their customers across every stage of their journeys and even reactivate customers that have remained dormant for some time. They are also great for businesses that want to direct their offline traffic online.

What is the future of QR codes in communication?

QR codes are seeing a revival of sorts. Many businesses (e.g., retail) are now creating in-store signages displaying QR codes that are helping shoppers reach out to the company directly on WhatsApp for detailed product info — be it about available sizes, colors, or manufacturing details. Human agents or bots are assisting shoppers with their queries on WhatsApp. Some brands are even setting up giant screens featuring their products, where each product has a unique QR code. When interested buyers scan the code, they are directly led to the company’s WhatsApp’s chat window for real-time guidance on products and even making payments. In the process, the customers are also getting tagged to the brand’s database for retargeting at a later stage.

What are the safety and privacy considerations when using a QR code?

As the use of QR code grows among businesses, so do concerns regarding their safe usage. Although QR codes are inherently secure as a technology, they can be exploited by cyber criminals to steal sensitive customer information. It is really important for customers to scan QR codes only from trusted consumer brands.