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Communicate with clients virtually throughout their entire travel and food journeys. Create unwavering customer loyalty and boost revenues through robust online ordering, personalized menus, automated hotel and restaurant bookings, exclusive discounts, and more. Share alerts about booking changes, cancellations, delays, and more. Unlock new value by cross-selling and upselling services.

Add Digital Communication Solutions to Your Hotel and Restaurant Business to Stand Out

Engage your customers before, during, and after their trip

Share ancillary promotions and increase sales

Send out timely travel alerts

Provide 24×7 customer service

Bypass front desk with easy mobile check-ins

Take Your Hotel and Restaurant Customer Service to the Next Level With edna’s Omnichannel Communication Solutions

Send bulk hotel and restaurant-related messages securely on multiple channels via the edna’s Unified Cloud Messaging solution

Centralize all conversations with your shoppers in a single intelligent interface with edna’s Chat Center

Use Digital Communication Tools for a Variety of Hospitality Use Cases

Provide Guests With Virtual Concierge Services

Promote your up-and-coming properties to prospective customerson platforms like WhatsApp, ABC, and Viber via visually appealing content. Share home tour videos and immersive pictures that are highly appealing on these platforms. Segment your audiences into different groups and target them with “’new property” alerts. Send them periodic updates about the status of the property -whether it is still available, in case of price drops, and so on. Provide one-to-one assistance to your hotel guests virtually. Help them with reservation assistance, confirm online bookings, share digital menus, offer early check-ins. Invite them to fill in satisfaction surveys, leave reviews, participate in your loyalty programs, and so on.  

Enable Two-Way Communication

Make it easy for customers to reach out to you with last-minute requests, sight-seeing arrangements, incorrect billing, general queries, alternatives to cancelled trips, and more over one-to-one virtual conversations.

Drive Up Sales Effectively With Online Food Ordering

Scale up business quickly by enabling customers to order food and pay for it over chat itself. Streamline the end-to-end ordering process – from menu selection to payment (using Apple Pay or Google Pay) – over chat by integrating edna with your POS system. This will not just save you time, but also reduce human errors and labor costs.

Increase Table Turnover With Automated Bookings Over Chat

Integrate edna with your restaurant’s reservation system and deploy chatbots to take advance bookings, send confirmation messages, and even alert users about upcoming bookings. This will not just help to optimize your table turnover, but will also free up staff so they can focus more on seated guests.


Share holiday package details with interested users. Inform them about price drops, sudden availability of rooms, booking confirmation alerts, upcoming trip reminders, and more.   

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Rinita Mathews
Restaurant Owner
We lacked a channel that would help us cater to our customers in real time. Our phone lines were always busy, which meant many customers who wanted to reserve tables couldn’t do so as they couldn’t get through. Also, they could not reach us in case they wanted to cancel a reservation. We had to deal with no-shows, which created a lot of inconvenience and resulted in loss of business. We decided to have an official presence on WhatsApp, which was used by most of our customers anyways.  Using the app, we could send customers updates regarding table confirmation. As WhatsApp enabled two-way communication, customers could also reach out to us to reschedule or cancel bookings, tell us about specific food preferences, and so on. For our takeaway customers, we could share estimated arrival time, order dispatched messages, rider details, message delivered notifications, invoices, and feedback links. This significantly helped our business grow and we also saw a sharp rise in repeat customers.

Why Our Clients Trust Us Over Others

99,5% of messages delivered

platform availability

Ready-made integrations with other systems and quick connection of chatbots

Accurate and detailed reporting

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