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Get On The Same Page With Your Customer

Proactively propel online visitors to customers to loyal brand ambassadors.

Live chat for website

In this edge of internet, increasing number of consumers prefer chat over calls. Provide consumers the information right when they need it, whether it’s helping web user with right product selection or providing further technical details, live chat excels as a channel to propel web visitors to conversions.

Live chat in mobile apps

edna has developed chat SDKs for both android and iOS which allows you for faster deployment on apps for both operating systems. Both modules of live chat – web & mobile app have single shared UI bringing operational work efficiency for users as they can now manage omnichannel and omnidevice chats in single window.

Leverage programmatic communication

How do you reduce first response time, decrease the query resolution cost & improve agent efficiency? With edna successfully achieve these unattainable business KPIs. Connect edna’s chatbot and automation solutions to live chat to streamline and speed up communication over live chat.

Advantages of edna’s web & mobile app chat

All you need to achieve customer communication success

Complete control over customization

We believe every company is unique and so should be their customer communication. With edna you get to customize complete chat experience you offer to customers. You can customize the chat widget in-line with your branding, configure messaging templates, set custom commands and even train bot based on your archived customer conversations data.

Speedy deployment

As you embark on customer communication transformation journey, we get you up and running in no time. edna’s ready SDKs for iOS and Android allows you to deploy live chat on both website and app simultaneously. APIs for multiple devices and platforms enable speedy software deployment and integrations with existing systems. We also help speed up automation by providing ready bot messaging templates to bring your bots alive.

All data and metrics – In one place

Thanks to edna’s seamless integration capabilities with your existing CRM, BI, Help-Desk and other systems, your customer service personnel can view all customer data in one window. edna offers real-time dashboards to monitor the performance of your team to help you optimize the operations. Additionally, you can fetch exhaustive pre-built reports for further deep-dive analysis.

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