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Centralize All Customer Conversations in a Single Intelligent Interface!

Meet Targeted KPIs of Agent Performance With Ease

Measure agent productivity by getting direct visibility into a number of performance metrics such as average time in queue, average request handling time, etc. and suggest improvements.

Achieve Higher Customer Satisfaction, Improve CSI and NPS Metrics

Improve your team’s CSI and NPS metrics by enabling them to provide stellar customer support 24/7 no matter what the channel.

Optimize Workflow for Operators and Managers

Optimize task performance of your support team with the software’s automated routing capabilities.

Operational Costs

Scale up customer communication without increasing overhead costs by deploying chat bots.

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Get All the Information You Need to Effectively Manage Customer Communication

All Cross-Channel Communication Handled From a Single Interface

Receive all incoming messages from across channels — be it WhatsApp, Viber, email, or live chat — in one, single interface!

360 Degree View of the
Customer in a Single UI

360 Degree View of the Customer in a Single UI

Integrate the Chat Center with your existing software (CRM, CDP) and get instant access to all information about your customers including their communication history

Automated Routing for More Effective Communication

Automatically route incoming customer queries from all channels to the right agent or bot based on multiple routing parameters

Drawing Insights From Conversations

Effectively analyze conversation data to implement data-backed improvement changes in the customer communication process with the help of our real-time dashboards

Deploy Next-Gen Web and In-Mobile App Chat!

Engage and serve your customers with a live chat option for your website and mobile app that is easy to set up and operate.

Industries That Can Supercharge
Their CX Using Our Chat Center

Our Сhat Сenter is particularly suited to the needs of medium & large enterprises that are looking to enhance sales and increase customer satisfaction by delivering 24/7 customer support. We service a variety of industries including but not limited to:

Contact Centers

No matter what the industry, our Chat Center can help companies to establish communication with their customers on the most popular channels


This industry can utilize our Chat Center to streamline a variety of activities including credit requests, insurance inquiries, new card requests, KYC verification, alerts and reminders, account balance checks, loan eligibility, and so on


Healthcare delivery becomes more efficient as our Chat Center can be used to schedule doctor appointments, share test results, get a consultation, receive medicine orders, and more.


Retailers can use our Chat Center to send messages related to product recommendations, payment confirmation, exclusive deals, shipment alerts, answer returns and refunds-related queries, and more

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Integrates Easily With
Legacy Software

The Chat Center powered by edna has a wide pool of integrations for seamless work with the customer’s internal systems and third-party services. Systems available for integration are order management systems, CRM and CDP systems, Helpdesk, Recommendation services, and Telephony systems

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