Centralize All Customer
Conversations in a
Single Intelligent

Enhance your customer support capabilities by delivering seamless
contextual experiences across channels

Enable Two-Way, Multi-Channel Communication Easily!

Manage all conversations across different touchpoints like
WhatsApp, Viber and Web Live Chat from a single UI.


Apple Business Chat


Web live chat
In-app live chat


See Your Customer Engagement Levels
Hit the Roof

Win Hearts With Quick 24/7 Customer Support

Reduce response times by intelligently routing all incoming queries from all channels to the most
competent agent. Empower your agents to solve customer issues more quickly through access to
data-enriched customer profiles.

Increase Conversions With Well-Timed
Marketing Messages

Use our chat center to send messages related to product recommendations, exclusive deals, back-in-
stock alerts, abandoned cart reminders, and more to nudge customers toward purchases.

Integrate it Easily
With Legacy Software

The Chat Center powered by edna has a wide pool of integrations for seamless work with the customer’s internal systems and third-party services. Systems available for integration are order management systems, CRM and CDP systems, Helpdesk, Recommendation services, and Telephony systems.

Use Our Ready Integrations
With Your Systems

Key Features of edna’s Chat Center

Keeping Customers Informed
of Wait Time

Clients are kept informed about the status of processing their request and how long they need to wait for the operator to respond. This sets the right expectation and reduces frustration.

Pinning a Message and Post-Processing

If accommodating your client’s request is expected to take time, you can pin it and reach out to the client later with a finished solution.

Intelligent Routing of Customer Queries

Set the rules to carry out automated routing of incoming customer queries based on various parameters such as geo-location, customer intent, preferred language.

Improving Efficiency of Processes and People

Deploy bots to handle common queries and automatically route more complex ones to the most competent agent.

Unified History of Calls
for An Authorized Client

Have a unified history of chats that stores all past communication with your clients so they don’t have to repeat their request or describe their problem multiple times.

Availability of Ready-made Integrations

Improve the quality of customer service with convenient, open API integrations and availability of ready-made solutions with Jira, MIS Infoclinika, Minerva Knowledge.

Want to supercharge your customer engagement
using our Chat Center?

Draw Insights From Conversations

Effectively analyze conversation data to implement data-backed improvement changes in the customer communication process with the help of our real-time dashboards. Using our dash boards you can take a quick look at the number of requests in queue, analyze the number of incoming queries at various time periods, and track the number of requests on particular topics, responses, etc.

Leverage Chatbots
in edna Chats

  • Integrate chatbots to process typical requests automatically and respond to clients 24/7.
  • Use quick response buttons in the chat to guide clients through the desired scenario
  • Deploy bot-initiated dialogues so that customers do not leave without placing an order.
  • Consult and sell via chat.

Free WhatsApp Widget

To make the most of WhatsApp Business messaging, you need to let your customers know you are available on the platform. And what better way to do that than embed a WhatsApp chat widget and button on your website? Widgets are easy to spot and a great way to inform website visitors that you are available to chat on WhatsApp.

With one click, they can be redirected to your WhatsApp channel and start chatting. You can create your own unique widget using multiple customization options. What’s more, you can integrate the widget with existing systems such as the CRM to improve your customer service levels. You can embed our free widget into your website in a few, easy steps – no technical expertise is needed!

Manage WhatsApp Business with edna’s Unified Cloud Messaging Solution

When you choose edna’s WhatsApp Business API, you also get access to an easy-to-manage unified messaging platform. This solution helps you:

  • Create templates and visualize them in real time
  • Use other channels with WABA in cascades
  • Track campaign performance with detailed reports
  • Add different tags to recipients and send targeted messages
  • Send automated trigger messages on customers’ birthdays, anniversaries, etc.