edna — Connecting Brands
and Consumers Via
Digital Conversations

We enable your brand to stay closely connected
with your customers in the most humane way possible.

About Us

17 years

in market
of communication services

2 500+

satisfied customers

4+ billion

messages per month



A Timeline of Our Evolution


  • SMS


  • IMSI
  • SMS Gateway


  • USSD
  • USSD Gateway


  • E‑mail
  • Universal Communication Gateway
  • Push


  • Rich Push
  • Messengers


  • Social Networks
  • Chat Bot


  • Event.Me


  • Transformation mfms to edna

The explosive growth of mobile penetration has opened up new gateways for companies to reach out directly to customers. Businesses across industries are now looking to create meaningful, personalized connections with customers across various digital touchpoints.

Our journey started in 2005 to help businesses do just that — redefine their customer communications. We started by developing innovative A2P SMS solutions for the banking and insurance industry, and over the years forayed into offering authentication services with IMSI and USSD products.

As the proliferation of various mobile apps among businesses increased, we ventured into PUSH and Rich PUSH. To offer further digital communication channels, we became the official partners of popular messengers such as Viber, WhatsApp, and Apple Business Chat. Alongside this, we developed intelligent automation tools to streamline digital communications and run them programmatically.

Since 2020, we are undergoing a transformation to become a one-stop solution provider for all the digital communication needs of our clients. As a start, we’ve rebranded ourselves as edna.

Our Mission

At edna, we understand that communication is key when it comes to managing customer relationships. We also believe that real relationship-building happens when customers’ needs are prioritized and met on an ongoing basis.

So, we’ve focused on developing state-of-the-art digital customer communication products that give companies a competitive edge by delivering seamless, personalized, and context-based experiences to clients.

We’ve made it our mission to help companies drive business growth and customer loyalty by redefining the way they interact with their clients.

Our Guiding Values

We Strive to Build Expertise

Technology is changing at a breakneck speed — what’s hot today might become outmoded before you know it. So we always keep an eye on upcoming technologies, develop those capabilities for clients, and keep learning.

We are Customer Focused

We’re firmly committed to solving every business need of our client. We work with them closely and take the lead in offering consultation and advice proactively to help them emerge as market leaders in their industry.

We Believe in An Inclusive Culture

As a global company, we believe every voice needs to be heard and valued equally. We believe diversity brings unique perspectives and fresh ideas that ultimately power our success. Equality, zero tolerance for discrimination, and merit-based growth are values we hold dear.

We Are People Centric

Whether it’s our employees or customers, we ultimately want to be a company loved by all. We strongly believe that we only grow when we grow together. We put our employees first, and do our best to support them in ways that help them thrive at the workplace. Because committed employees are more driven to delight our customers.