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Unified Cloud Messaging

Send outbound messages on multiple channels via a single platform

See improved conversion and sales

Choose a secure technology with >90% deliverability rate

Eliminate deployment costs by leveraging the power of cloud

Unlock omnichannel opportunities

Ensure smooth business processes
(single customer journey, simplified processes in various IT services)

Personalize communication at scale

Leverage Multiple Digital Touchpoints for Better Outreach

Leverage edna platform to send out bulk messages serving a variety of purposes including:

See next-level customer satisfaction, engagement, and sales!

All Available Channels





Reduce Costs and Increase Deliverability With A Sophisticated Cascade Feature

Manage Customer Lists
and Leverage Automation Capabilities

Import lists of saved customer numbers to send them broadcast messages. Choose which customers you want to include in the broadcast and add them to the list. Add different tags to recipients to customize your audience, and use “AND” or “OR” operators to build the most relevant audience.

You can add as many parameters as you need to define the recipient: their full name, gender, birthday, and any additional information that will help you customize the broadcasting according to your needs – car model, pets, last purchase, etc.

You can also leverage automation to ensure each of your subscribed customers automatically gets a custom birthday, anniversary, or other milestone message on the right day without you having to manually send them the same every year.

Send Bulk Messages With edna
in Just a Few Easy Steps

Upload customer lists

Choose one or multiple channels (cascade if needed)

Choose a template or create your own template

Send message

Analyze the campaign’s performance

Effectively Manage All Client Lifecycle Communication by Integrating edna Platform With edna Chat Center

Gain access to all customer data from the Chat Center, which not only gives you a 360-degree view of the customer, but also shows all their past conversations with your brand. Use this information to segment your audience and gain actionable insights that can help you build a better marketing strategy. Such unhindered access will also help your marketing team avoid faux pas such as sending promo codes inviting a customer to upgrade their subscription, whereas this customer might have reached out to complain about his account being blocked by mistake.

Leverage edna’s Industry-Agnostic Platform to Serve the Specific Needs of Your Business

Personalize Millions of Bulk Messages Related to Finance

Track Your Campaign’s Performance
With Deep Analytics

Check and analyze all relevant statistics after each broadcast message is sent in order to ensure that every message is accounted for. Access detailed reports for each of the In progress or Finished broadcasts.
All the reports can be exported if necessary.

The total number of clients that received the broadcast

The total number and percentage of clients that received at least one message

The total number and percentage of clients that read at least one message

The total number and percentage of clients that didn’t receive any messages

Tell us about your business specific needs and challenges and we will explore how our solution can help you achieve business success.