Revolutionize Healthcare Delivery by Going Digital  

Facilitate easy patient journeys by offering a range of virtual healthcare services for your patients – from online appointment booking, easy access to healthcare records, proactive health-related alerts, and more. Leverage multichannel messaging for all healthcare-related communication – be it for in-patient, outpatient, follow-up, or ongoing care.

Unlock the Benefits of Digital Communication Platforms in Providing Patient Care

Provide e-health services to patients

Book and manage appointments

Offer better customer service for patients

Take Your Healthcare Customer Service to the Next Level With edna’s Omnichannel Communication Solutions

Send bulk healthcare messages securely on multiple channels via the edna’s Unified Cloud Messaging solution.

Centralize all conversations with your shoppers in a single intelligent interface with edna’s Chat Center

Use Digital Platforms for a Wide Variety
of Healthcare Use Cases

Manage Appointments and Payments

Enable your patients to book or reschedule first-time appointments or follow-up visits based on available time slots. Help them pay online directly on the app.

Share Lab Reports and Prescriptions

Share reports of non-sensitive tests done by a patient at your hospital or clinic on digital platforms. These include sharing images, pdfs, and other formats of files.

Offer Online Consultation Option

Make your patients’ lives easier by helping them virtually consult doctors at your clinic or hospital. Patients can chat with doctors directly, share information and photos related to health issues, and receive care in real time. Help them take valuable second opinions by sharing scan reports with other doctors to arrive at an accurate diagnosis.

Send Out Health Alerts

Disseminate information ranging from general FAQs to personalized alerts related to eligibility for receiving vaccinations, share information on following COVID-19 protocols, and more via messaging. 

Manage Online Ordering of Medicines

Help your elderly patients to place orders for specialty medicines for chronic diseases such as diabetes, BP, etc. on messaging apps. They can simply share prescriptions with your pharmacy and schedule medicine deliveries to their homes.

Connect With Different Industry Stakeholders

Equip your sales staff to communicate directly with pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals to collect purchasing requirements, conduct follow-ups about re-stocking of medicines, and share invoices and contracts via two-way communication on WhatsApp.

Want to transform your healthcare customer service?
Lily John
Clinic Head
Choosing edna’s digital solutions helped our clinic manage patient appointments in a hassle-free way. We could send them reminders about upcoming appointments easily on chat, and made the cancellation process quick and hassle-free. We could also check on our patients’ progress with their medications by asking them to share their symptoms / improvements on chat.   

Why Our Clients Trust Us Over Others

99,5% of messages delivered

platform availability

Ready-made integrations with other systems and quick connection of chatbots

Accurate and detailed reporting

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