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Use SMS For Your Business – Experience A Reach Like No Other!

Send Out Timely, Customized Messages Your Clients Will Actually Read!

SMS – An Indispensable Customer Engagement Tool

Whether it’s helping users reset passwords, sending transaction OTPs, notifications, or alerts, SMS is the best way to communicate real-time information with users. Try it!

Get Multiple Benefits With edna’s Powerful SMS Solution

edna offers you a hassle-free way to execute your SMS campaigns – it easily integrates with various API options, and also ensures global delivery of SMS irrespective of which network the customer is on.

SMS Delivery to 230 Countries

Scalable Load Capacity

Availability – 99.5%

Easy Integration With Various API Options

Platform Uptime – 24/7

24/7 Platform Health Monitoring

Prevent Fraud With edna’s Multiple Authentication Tools

At edna, we understand that ensuring security is critical to any form of trust-based communication. Which is why we offer various products to customers for their authentication needs. We use IMSI checks, MNP and HLR to carry out various levels and ways of identity authentication to make sure that the number belongs to a particular customer as it’s mentioned in the records.

ussd code to start ussd session

Extend the SMS Channel by Deploying USSD

Offer customers a faster route than calling for routine inquiries by deploying edna’s USSD solution – a fast, safe, and cost-effective way to communicate information, as it opens up real-time direct and continuous connection between the server and the end customer’s mobile. Integrate this with your IVR to divert callers to texting, resulting in a great customer experience.

Tell us about your business specific needs and challenges and we will explore how our solution can help you achieve business success.