WhatsApp Business
API — Stay Connected With Millions of Customers Globally

  • Drive Online Sales, Support & Marketing Activities
  • Increase Conversions Easily, Close Sales Faster
  • Automate Communication With Customers Via Chatbots
  • Offer High Quality, One-to-One Interactions Over Multiple Chats


Billion Active Users Globally


Open Rate


Chat Support

Drive Higher Engagement With These Innovative WhatsApp Use Cases

Assist Customers in Real Time

Reduce or eliminate wait time by offering live support via agents or bots.

Send Proactive Service Messages

Share real-time order status updates such as transaction confirmed, shipment status, appointment reminders, etc. to keep customers informed at all times

Offer Customized Shopping Experiences

Share personalized product catalogues with customers based on their previous purchases

Collect Feedback and Reviews

Share links for reviews and ratings on WhatsApp, where users are more likely to respond

Want to scale up your business
communication on WhatsApp?

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Leading Car Dealership Boosts Conversions With WhatsApp Business API Powered by edna


  • Identifying and segmenting customers
  • Increasing conversions


  • Customer segmentation achieved via auto tagging
  • Common requests met via automation
  • Customer support improved due to integration with CRM
  • Call volumes reduced via IVR call deflection


of inquiries started to come in from WhatsApp


of inquiries qualified into leads with full contact info


of conversions came from inquiries originated on WhatsApp


times higher conversion rate compared to live chat on website

Compelling Features
of WhatsApp Business API

Interactive Messages With Buttons

Use up to two interactive call-to-action buttons, or up to three Quick Reply buttons so your customers don’t need to type in their responses and only need to click on the option they want to select, speeding up things.

Media Messages With Images and Link

Make your messages visually appealing by using rich media types like PDF, doc, video, audio, and image files.

Branded Profile With Green Tick

Establish trust with customers by using WhatsApp’s verified badge, the coveted green tick.

List Picker

List up to 10 menu options customers can choose from and click on based on their needs — be it store addresses, delivery options, and so on.

End-to-End Encryption

Ensure only you and your customers have access to the content of the messages exchanged, not even WhatsApp.

What’s the WhatsApp Business
Pricing Model Like?

WhatsApp Business API has a conversation-based pricing model. A conversation includes all messages delivered in a 24-hour session.

The cost per conversation varies by country or region. A conversation starts when the first business message in a conversation is delivered, either initiated by the business or in reply to a user message. Your first 1000 conversations each month will come free of cost, so your business can test out how your customers are reacting to these experiences before having to pay for them.

Free-tier conversations can be business-initiated or user-initiated. Also, conversations will not be charged when users message a business after clicking on a Click-to-WhatsApp Ad button or a Facebook Page CTA. In such cases, the first conversation session will be free of cost.

Another great aspect of this pricing model is that there is no limit to the number of free follow-up messages within the 24-hour conversation window.

Transfer Your WABA Account
to edna’s WhatsApp Now!

Do It in Easy Steps With Minimal Downtime

Happy with your current WhatsApp partner? We can make your experience even better. We enable quick, hassle-free migration from your current partner and ensure you don’t need to change your phone number. You can also retain your display name, quality rating, all approved message templates, and your Green Badge.

What You Gain by Partnering With edna!

We enable easy integration with all your legacy platforms and help you get started quickly. What’s more, we do not charge for each message or dialogue, instead we have a fixed subscription depending on the number of monthly active users. We also support all features available on WhatsApp Business API and can support template messages in different languages.

Achieve More With Our
Chat Center

Integrate WhatsApp with our Chat Center to deliver seamless, contextual experiences across channels and achieve higher customer satisfaction rates.

Connecting your WhatsApp Business Account channel with our Chat Center gives you more bang for your buck. With our Chat Center, you can easily manage all cross-channel communication from a single interface. Additionally, the Chat Center offers multiple features:

  • It captures and stores all past conversations of a customer with your brand, no matter what the channel, equipping agents to solve customer issues quickly and efficiently.
  • It also automatically routes all incoming queries to the most relevant agent based on various customer parameters, organizational team segmentations, technical scenarios.
  • Our chat center comes with unique features that make it far superior to similar solutions available in the market. For one, it has the capability to automatically complete requests. Also, agents can not only see the typing status of the customers, but see the actual text the client is typing. They can also request additional data from the customer’s systems by using commands.
  • Our Chat Center also has a built-in script for post-processing of requests. It can automatically transition agents to the inactive mode when not in use. It also comes with a tool for the supervisor like sending instructions to agents, taking over the thread, forcing transferring of the thread, and so on.


I am an individual, can I use the WhatsApp Business API?
No. The use of the WhatsApp Business API is available only to legal entities (including individual entrepreneurs).
Which business areas can use the WhatsApp Business API?
WhatsApp Business API is prohibited for use by: sellers of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products (as well as electronic cigarettes and vaping products), pharmaceutical products; gambling business organizers; microfinance organizations.
How to start using WhatsApp Business API?
Leave a request on our website. Our manager will contact you. After that, you need to fill out a questionnaire and sign a contract.
How long does the WhatsApp Business API registration process take?
Up to 10 working days after we receive your application form and you complete all the steps necessary to start registration (start Facebook Business Manager, verify it).
How is the WhatsApp Business API different from the WhatsApp Business app?
Only one operator can communicate through the WhatsApp Business app either from a phone or from the desktop version of WhatsApp. Through the WhatsApp Business API, any number of operators can communicate using any chat or bot platform.
Why is your WhatsApp Business API not free?
There are no free WhatsApp Business APIs on the market. You can use the WhatsApp Business app for free (only one operator can work and only from the phone).
Do you have a free trial period?
No, we do not provide a free trial period.
What phone number can be connected to WhatsApp Business API?
Any phone number (landline, mobile, 8 (800)) that can receive SMS or call to verify the number.
How to get a “green tick”?
You need to be a well-known recognizable brand. If you are, you will receive a green check mark.
Is it possible to send messages via WhatsApp Business API?
Yes, using the WhatsApp Business API, you can send promotional and service HSM messages using the subscriber’s phone number. Payment is charged only for delivered messages.
Are there any advertising restrictions?
Yes. It is forbidden to send non-personalized marketing offers, news and mass advertising mailings to customers.
Can I chat with clients using the WhatsApp Business API?
Yes. As soon as the client has written you a message, you can start a dialogue with him. Moreover, since the client’s last message, a window opens in which you can send any messages to this client for free for 24 hours.
What is an HSM message?
HSM (highly-structured message) is a templated service message. First, the company, through the manager, submits message templates. After successful registration, the company will be able to send messages using the registered templates.