Free WhatsApp Link Generator – Create a Unique WhatsApp Link for Your Brand!

Make it easy for people to initiate a chat with your brand from any of your social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, or even your email signature by simply clicking on a WhatsApp chat link.

Take Your Brand Closer to Customers – Boost Interactions With a Single Click

Tell the world you are available

Tell the world you are available to chat on WhatsApp by sharing the chat link on your webpages, emails, social media posts, Instagram bios, and more.

Offer next-level convenience

Offer next-level convenience by enabling leads and customers to reach out to you with a single click, even when they don’t have your number saved on their phones.

Add a customized message

Add a customized message, such as a greeting, a product or service inquiry, a booking request, or any other icebreaker text, to ease customers into chatting with you.

WhatsApp Link Generator

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How does using a WhatsApp link generator help a business?

WhatsApp’s potential as a marketing as well as chat support tool is well established. It’s used by billions of people worldwide. Customers today spend more time on WhatsApp than on any other app, so it makes sense for brands to meet them there. But for a business to make the most of WhatsApp, customers need to be made aware that an official WhatsApp account of the business exists. A business is not searchable on WhatsApp, so shareable chat links are one of the best ways for a business to tell people that they are present on the app. A chat link generator tool helps the business easily create a link using their official business number, which can then be shared among customers across different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Customers can simply click on the link and open up the chat window of the business.

How will adding a custom message help?

Adding a unique message will help customers ease into the chat. It could be anything from a basic greeting to a more direct inquiry message.

Are WhatsApp links free or paid?

WhatsApp chat links are completely free to use and suitable for businesses of all sizes.

What do WhatsApp links look like?

WhatsApp chat links begin with a followed by the brand’s mobile number and an optional message at the end.

What happens when someone clicks on the WhatsApp link?

When a person clicks on the WhatsApp link, they will be redirected to the brand’s chat window on WhatsApp, either in the mobile app or on WhatsApp web, enabling the person to start chatting directly with the brand. The chat link helps to establish direct, high quality, one-to-one interactions between a brand and their customer, closing gaps in communication.

What are some of the benefits of using a WhatsApp chat link for brands?

For brands too, a chat link has multiple benefits. First, brands that use links see a lot more engagement on WhatsApp than ones that don’t. The ease of use encourages more customers to reach out, ask questions, and engage with the brand, leading to increased interaction and customer engagement. Second, by providing a direct link to chat, potential customers are more likely to inquire about products or services, leading to higher conversion rates from leads to sales. Third, the immediacy and convenience of starting a conversation through a chat link can reduce the chances of potential customers dropping off before making a purchase. Fourth, chat links enable leads from several different channels to be funnelled to WhatsApp, where customers can be served easily. Fifth, WhatsApp has much better CTR than other forms of communication such as email, so chances of conversions significantly increase. Finally, WhatsApp is easily scalable.

What are some of the benefits of using a WhatsApp chat link for customers?

Customers today want ease and convenience when it comes to reaching out to businesses. They hate to ring up businesses and prefer to message them instead. They want to be able to communicate with a brand in the same way they would with their friends and family. WhatsApp is one of the best ways for them to talk to a brand, pose questions, seek recommendations, request changes to orders, or register complaints, all over a conversation. With a chat link, customers can do this easily. They don’t even need to have a brand’s number saved on their phones. Simply put, a WhatsApp link serves a one of the best entry points for customers.