Viber for Business —
Deliver Personalized Communication at Scale

  • Pay only for messages that get delivered
  • Improve conversions significantly
  • Reduce customer churn


Times Cheaper
Than SMS





Drive Higher Engagement With These Innovative Viber Use Cases

Provide Live Customer Support

Resolve issues with quick conversational support via human agents or bots.

Keep Customers Updated With Service Messages

Share real-time order status updates such as transaction confirmed, shipping status, appointment reminders, and more to keep customers informed at all times.

Send Personalized Promotional Offers

Create promotional messages including latest deals, back-in-stock alerts, and promo codes with interactive buttons and links.

Get Instant Feedback

Make it easy for customers to provide feedback on the app and course correct accordingly.

We Are Trusted By

Darren Walters
Marketing Manager
Online Education Institute in Europe
We did not have a channel where our customers could reach out to us 24/7 with their requests. With Viber, we could create a two-way communication model where our customers could easily reach us at any time of day. Even if our agents were not available, we could use automated bots to address most of the routine queries, which significantly reduced customer wait times and improved customer satisfaction. Viber helped us provide quick, conversational support at every stage of our customers’ journeys. It also helped us understand the pulse of our customers — the conversations we had provided us the feedback we needed to improve what needed to be improved.
Want to reach out to audiences not available
on any other channel? Leverage Viber today!

Compelling Features of Viber for Business

Features That Make Viber a Potent Customer Communication Tool
  • Multimedia messages – image, CTA buttons with links
  • Auto-reply feature for brands who don’t support session-based messages
  • Enable Users to share images and files with brands
  • Branded profile with blue tick

Use Multimedia Messages: Make messages visually appealing with optionally available rich features such as emojis, GIFs, images, QR codes, interactive buttons, direct links, and stickers

Send Auto Reply Notifications

If your business doesn’t support session-based messages, you can manage your customers’ expectations by sending them auto replies like welcome greetings, away messages, festive greetings, and so on.

Enable Two-Way File Sharing

Make it easy for users to share images and files with your brand in case of receipt of damaged goods, or to receive assistance with assembling.

Establish Trust With a Branded Profile

Get Viber’s coveted “blue tick”, which instantly makes customers trust the messages they receive from you.

What’s the Viber Business Pricing Like?

The Viber Business API pricing varies depending on the country code of the message recipient. You need to pay only for delivered messages. The sum is calculated for each Viber Business Messages account. Please note promotional messages are charged slightly higher than service messages.

You need to pay only for delivered messages. The price also includes a minimum monthly fee that you will need to pay each month — if you spend less than the minimum fee during the month, the you will only be charged the flat monthly fee.

If, however, you spend more, you will be charged the actual sum. The sum is calculated for each Viber Business Messages account. Please note promotional messages are charged slightly higher than service messages.

Achieve More With Our
Chat Center

Integrate Viber with our Chat Center to deliver seamless, contextual experiences across channels and achieve higher customer satisfaction rates.

Connecting your Viber Business channel with our Chat Center gives you more bang for your buck. With our Chat Center, you can easily manage all cross-channel communication from a single interface. Additionally, the Chat Center offers multiple features:

  • It captures and stores all past conversations of a customer with your brand, no matter what the channel, equipping agents to solve customer issues quickly and efficiently.
  • It also automatically routes all incoming queries to the most relevant agent based on various customer parameters, organizational team segmentations, technical scenarios.
  • Our chat center comes with unique features that make it far superior to similar solutions available in the market. For one, it has the capability to automatically complete requests. Also, agents can not only see the typing status of the customers, but see the actual text the client is typing. They can also request additional data from the customer’s systems by using commands.
  • Our Chat Center also has a built-in script for post-processing of requests. It can automatically transition agents to the inactive mode when not in use. It also comes with a tool for the supervisor like sending instructions to agents, taking over the thread, forcing transferring of the thread, and so on.

Manage Viber for Business with edna’s Unified Cloud Messaging Solution

When you choose edna’s Viber for Business, you also get access to an easy-to-manage unified messaging platform. This solution helps you:

  • Create templates and visualize them in real time
  • Use other channels with Viber for Business in cascades
  • Track campaign performance with detailed reports
  • Add different tags to recipients and send targeted messages
  • Send automated trigger messages on customers’ birthdays, anniversaries, etc.


Is Viber for Business free?

Apart from a flat monthly fee, Viber business messages are priced differently. For transactional and promotional messages, you will only pay per message sent. However, when your customers initiate the chat, a 24-hour window “session” opens and you only need to pay per session.

Why is Viber good for business?

Viber is a great platform because it will help your business reach out to customers in a direct, personal way to support them at every stage of the customer journey in a cost-effective way.

Can we request different messaging services in a single account?

Of course, getting a single Viber Business Profile Business ID will help you avail promotional, transactional, and conversational messaging services. You will need to pay the flat monthly fee once only.

Which industries are not allowed to use Viber for Business?

Viber is prohibited for use by: sellers of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products (as well as electronic cigarettes and vaping products), pharmaceutical products; gambling business organizers; microfinance organizations.

How to use Viber for your business?

You can use it for marketing purposes as well as to support your customers on an app they already use and love.