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Viber for Business – Deliver Personalized Communication at Scale

Reach Out to 1.3 Billions of Global Users With Hyper-Personalized Messages They Won’t Ignore

Run Viber Rich Messaging Campaigns That Deliver Results

Viber’s RICH messaging feature enables you to add your brand’s name, logo, address, phone number and web link in your sender ID, so your users get to know you better. You can also authenticate your brand with a Blue Tick to reassure users that they aren’t receiving spam.

Share Multiple Types of Viber Business Messages Using Its Full Range of Features

The Viber enterprise messaging solution is the only messenger which offers you a wide range of features so you can engage, onboard, entertain, inform, and grow your customer base in a single messenger channel. Viber messages for business truly offers your brand the flexibility to be creative and keep your customers hooked.

Business Searchability


Image Ads

Chat Bots

Video Ads

Message Time-Stamps

Move Over SMSs, Deploy Viber’s RICH Messaging with edna

Did you know that Viber business messages are not just richer in content, but are also 3X cheaper than your average SMS? Viber business pricing is quite reasonable — You only need to pay for delivered messages. edna ensures higher delivery rates through the SMS fallback mechanism in case your customer fails to receive an incoming Viber message. You can activate this feature by setting a timeout period for your message, during which time if delivery status is not received, an SMS gets triggered to be sent to the customer.

Viber Enterprise Messaging – Safety and Security, Guaranteed!

With edna’s API for Viber for Business all end-to-end communication happens in encrypted format over HTTPS. What’s more, service messages can only be viewed by the end user’s device — Viber can’t access any of your messages. All Viber servers are hosted on a secure virtual private cloud on Amazon Web Services. Also, it whitelists only a number of IPs for each business; no domains are allowed. Its PUSH notifications serve only to notify the user without displaying the actual message. edna solutions comply with all the laws and follow industry best practices, which makes it one of the most secure messaging channel solutions ever!

Tell us about your business specific needs and challenges and we will explore how our solution can help you achieve business success.