Mobile PUSH Notifications — Create Unmatched User Experiences

  • At least 10 times cheaper than SMS
  • 0.1 Seconds Delivery Speed
  • 24/7 Technical Support

Up to 96%

Delivery Rates


Increase in App Engagement


Increase in App Retention Rates

Drive Higher Engagement With These Innovative PUSH Use Cases

Keep Customers Informed With Service Notifications

Use push messaging to send out a variety of service-related notifications such as OTPs, reminders about pending services, payments, subscription expiry dates, and transactional messages such as purchase confirmation updates, payment receipts, failed notification alerts, and more.

Boost Sales With Personalized Marketing Messages

Share limited-time sales offers, holiday sales notifications, tailored product recommendations, loyalty point updates, product launch invites and more.

Share Customer Care Notifications

Send support messages to customers, encourage them to share feedback and leave reviews.

Want to scale up your business
communication with PUSH Notifications?

Why edna Has the Best PUSH Notification Software in the Market

Accurate Delivery Reporting Mechanism

Supported On All Mobile Devices

Message Delivery

Efficient SDK With No Adverse Effects on Battery Consumption

Unlimited Messages

High Throughput Capacity

Narrow Casting and Target Marketing Using Device Parameters

Easy Integration With
Built-In Libraries

We Are Trusted By

James Robinson
Marketing Manager
Push messaging could help us accomplish so much that we were not able to using other channels. For one, the delivery rates and click rates were much higher compared to our other channels. We also saw a significant improvement in our app engagement and customer retention rates and saw an increase in repeat customers. Because they were easy to execute, we didn’t have to invest too much time and resources for this. Overall, I would say partnering with edna for the push messaging solution gave us very good returns on investment at a significantly low cost.
Want to scale up your business
communication with Push?

Cascading and Segmentation —
Two Irresistible Features of PUSH Messaging

Although push deliverability rates are very high, there are instances when your push message can fail to deliver, say when the device is not connected to the internet. In such cases, you can set cascades which ensure that your message is delivered via a fallback channel like SMS in case the push message fails to deliver.

Another great thing about push messaging is that you can segment your customers into different groups based on parameters such as location, user demographics, user behavior, and so on, and then send them targeted messages that will actually be of value to them!

Worried About Security?
With edna PUSH, You Should Not!

We’ve built the most secure push to enable you to share your user account or purchase-related information through a hacker-proof channel. We understand that user security is key, so we use the standard PUSH channel only to deliver notifications that some content needs to be downloaded.

Once the application receives the notification and informs the server, the actual content is sent through a private, secure SSL channel between the application and the server. All so that you never have to compromise on user security.

Manage Push Messaging with edna’s Unified Cloud Messaging Solution

When you choose edna’s Push Messaging, you also get access to an easy-to-manage unified messaging platform. This solution helps you:

  • Create templates and visualize them in real time
  • Use other channels with Push Messaging in cascades
  • Track campaign performance with detailed reports
  • Add different tags to recipients and send targeted messages
  • Send automated trigger messages on customers’ birthdays, anniversaries, etc.


What are push notifications?

Push notifications are short pop-up messages from a business that show up on a user’s mobile phone even when the user hasn’t opened the app of that businesses. They can be plain text messages as well as messages with a text, images and a URL. They provide a direct path for your business to reach clients with information that is valuable for them.

Why are they used?

They help to increase app usage and provide greater customer engagement through timely, customized messaging. They are used to send a number of promotional, transactional, or support messages such as alerts, reminders, product recommendations, important announcements, and more.

What is cascading?

Cascading is a feature whereby if a message fails to deliver in one channel, it is sent again via an alternative channel so that the user receives it one way or the other. In case of push, if a push message fails to deliver, the sender can set a cascade in a way that the same message is delivered via SMS.

How does mobile push marketing work?

Mobile push marketing involves sending push messaging campaigns to customers on their mobile devices to encourage them to make purchases and keep them informed about promotions and special offers.