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Mobile Push Notifications – Create Unmatched User Experiences

Increase Engagement Through Timely, Customized Messaging That Doesn’t Feel Intrusive

Connect With Customers Like Never Before – Use PUSH Messaging at Each Stage of Their Journey

Give your customers relevant experiences every time they interact with your brand – be it through transactional updates, exclusive offers, product updates, payment collection reminders, sharing the latest news, low balance alerts, tips to increase credit scores, and so on.

Why edna Has the Best Push Notification Software in the Market!

edna’s push notification tool comes with a host of power-packed features that help you deliver better customer journeys with each and every interaction. It is cost-effective, easy to use and integrate, guarantees delivery, supports all mobile devices, and does much more to make every interaction count!

Delivery Rates of Over 90%

Easy Integration With Built-In Libraries

Supports All Mobile Devices

Adaptive Timeouts of Backup Delivery

Cloud, In-House & Hybrid Deployment

Deep Linking to Targeted Page

24x7 Technical Support

Narrow Casting and Target Marketing Using Device Parameters

Worried About Security? With edna PUSH, You Should Not!

Mobile push marketing messages often get a bad rap when it comes to security. So we’ve built the most secure PUSH to enable you to share your user account or purchase-related information through a hacker-proof channel. We understand that user security is key, so we use the standard PUSH channel only to deliver notifications that content needs to be downloaded. Once the application receives the notification and informs the server, the actual content is sent through a private, secure SSL channel between the application and the server. All so that you never have to compromise on user security!

edna RICH PUSH – Built to Give You an Edge!

Let’s admit it. Not all PUSH notifications are made the same. Many ordinary text-only PUSH notifications fail to engage users, who simply ignore them. Adding images, videos, audios, emojis and gifs can make your campaign significantly more impactful and make a lasting impression on users. And we’ve come up with edna RICH PUSH, an add-on service, to do just that – our powerful mobile push notification service has been proven to significantly enrich your content and increase direct open rates exponentially. You can send out text messages of any length, images, videos, audios, emojis, gifs and even important documents. What’s more, with edna’s mobile notification service you can add your business logo, full name and address each time you interact with users, add icons of processed transactions, and all kinds of business details – such as opening hours, description, promotions, offers, etc. – creating an unmatched user experience.

Tell us about your business specific needs and challenges and we will explore how our solution can help you achieve business success.