Broaden the Reach of Your Real Estate Business With Digital Communication Tools

Leverage messaging platforms to showcase new properties for sales and rentals, make it easy for customers to search for desired properties and make inquiries, and more.

Grow Your Real Estate Brand With edna’s Digital Solutions

Promote listings

Increase viewing bookings

Provide live consultations

Increase sales

Decrease conversion cycle

Take Your Real Estate Customer Service to the Next Level With edna’s Omnichannel Communication Solutions

Send bulk real estate messages securely on multiple channels via the edna’s Unified Cloud Messaging solution.

Centralize all conversations with your shoppers in a single intelligent interface with edna’s Chat Center

Use Digital Communication Tools for a Variety of Real Estate Use Cases

Showcase New Properties

Promote your up-and-coming properties to prospective customers on platforms like WhatsApp, ABC, and Viber via visually appealing content. Share home tour videos and immersive pictures that are highly appealing on these platforms. Segment your audiences into different groups and target them with “’new property” alerts. Send them periodic updates about the status of the property -whether it is still available, in case of price drops, and so on.

Equip Customers to Reach Out With Queries

Create a digital platform for your customers to reach out easily in case of queries like property prices, loan eligibility, etc. Deploy bots to send auto replies to routine queries in real time. Enable them to send relevant documents via trusted platforms like WhatsApp, ABC, and Viber. Help them with added information about movers and packers, property lawyers, etc. to create a sense of trust and confidence. Reply to customer queries outside of business hours.

Enable Customers to Sign Up for Home Viewing

Once you inform customers about available properties, encourage them to sign-up for home viewings (for sale or rentals) easily on messaging apps. Instead of calling up customers at times when they might be busy, simply leave a message on platform apps informing them that a property is available for viewing and ask them if they want to view it and at what time. Help them book appointments for property tours, send automated reminders so they don’t miss appointments.

Actively Help Them Throughout Their Journey

Assist customers in navigating the process of buying, selling, and renting successfully. Send them proactive updates about every step of the process completed – for example, a message after they sign up for viewing the property, a message after the viewing is completed, a message after the sale or rent agreement is finalized. Assist them with post-sales queries. All this goes a long way in creating a positive customer experience.  

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Brad Robinson
Real Estate Developer
Given the ups and downs in the real estate market, we really needed a robust digital marketing strategy to increase our reach and showcase our upcoming properties to customers. Using the WhatsApp solution from edna, we could easily share photo- and video-based content to inform customers about our new properties. WhatsApp’s location-sharing feature also came in very handy in helping customers find out our exact location. Also, being a two-way mode of communication, our customers could instantly clarify their doubts with us. Overall, we are very happy we took the digital route.   

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