How WhatsApp Business Is Changing the Paradigm of Healthcare Delivery

Healthcare faces tremendous challenges today — abysmal doctor-patient ratios, limited access to care for people living away from major cities, long wait times at clinics, the rising burden of chronic diseases, and an increasingly aging population. In this scenario, WhatsApp is quickly emerging to be an invaluable tool in healthcare delivery — increasing accessibility to care, reducing costs, removing geographical barriers, ensuring real-time communication, enabling clinical discussions, and more.

edna’s new paper discusses four major use cases of WhatsApp in the healthcare industry.

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Why Read It:

  • See how WhatsApp business can be leveraged by medical clinics for gaining customers
  • Learn how it helps to maintain participant adherence in clinical trials
  • See how it enables effective communication between doctors and pharma companies
  • Find out how it helps pharmacies deliver care at patients’ doorsteps