How Messaging Tools Are Meeting the Changing Needs of the Education Sector

Messaging technologies were never intended to serve the needs of the education industry. But they are doing just that – tools like live chat, WhatsApp, and push notifications are helping educational institutes meet a variety of student needs virtually. From sharing information on admission dates, courses available, class schedules, holidays, etc. over messaging to streamlining the application process and answering student queries in real time, messaging tools are facilitating high-quality, one-to-one interactions between students and institutes.

Our new white paper, How Messaging Tools Are Meeting the Changing Needs of the Education Sector, discusses how educational institutes are deploying different messaging tools and automation for a variety of use cases to improve enrollments, reduce the burden on their staff, and save on costs.

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Why Read It:

  • Find out how chatbots are being deployed to automate routine student queries
  • See how rich messaging features of WhatsApp are enabling students and teachers to easily share images, documents, and assignment videos
  • Discover how trigger messages are relaying time-sensitive information like admission assignment deadline reminders, etc.
  • See how educators are monitoring a student’s progress and sharing personalized feedback on chat apps