How Rich Messaging Platforms Are Reshaping Logistics’ Future

Businesses today need to deliver millions of packages quickly to waiting customers on a daily basis and keep them updated on the order status while they are at it. They also need to accommodate last-minute requests such as changes in location and delivery timings, as well as ensure a smooth returns and refunds process to keep such demanding customers happy. Failure to do so results in botched deliveries, angry customers, and eventually, lost sales. Most businesses know they can’t afford to neglect product delivery as it directly affects how customers experience their brand. Yet, many struggle with delivery-related communication by continuing to rely on emails, SMSs, and phone calls for customer support.

edna’s latest white paper discusses how deploying messaging technologies like WhatsApp can help businesses to proactively share delivery updates, agree to last-minute requests, and ensure customer satisfaction without cost trade-offs.

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Why Read It:

  • Find out how you can offer better and faster delivery-related support by sharing tracking IDs, notifying customers of delays, rescheduling orders, etc. over chat
  • Discover how to send out automated updates on shipments to millions of customers without increasing overhead costs
  • See how you can enable customers to reach out quickly in case they want to update their shipping address at the last minute, return goods, share feedback
  • Understand how messaging platforms can enable you to be better prepared to meet future increases in demand