Functionality Description of edna

Gaining access to the edna system enables its users to organize interactions with their clients/addressees through various communication channels:

  • WhatsApp Business API
  • Viber Business Messages
  • SMS
  • Push

Gaining access to the Personal Account allows users to use the following functionality:

  • Create and modify custom message templates;
  • Register message templates with telecom operators;
  • Create and manage mass mailings of messages, including setting up mailing rules and selecting mailing recipients;
  • Create and manage message delivery and reservation rules;
  • Manage the audience: mass loading of clients and segmentation (tagging) of the audience;
  • Manage clients: create clients, manage client variables and attributes;
  • Receive reporting: report on mailings and messages, uploading reports;
  • Create applications for connecting an additional communication channel.clients/addresses