Leading Salon Chain Boosts Customer Communication by Deploying WhatsApp Business API Powered by edna

A leading hair & beauty salon chain for men in the CIS region with more than 250 branches was facing challenges in ensuring quick and error-free customer registrations, providing 24*7 customer support, and targeting customers with personalized offers. With WhatsApp Business API powered by edna, the salon could facilitate easy registrations, two-way conversations, and exceptional customer support, which significantly enhanced its customer experience and operational efficiency.  


Barbershop “TOP GUN” is a leading hair & beauty salon chain for men with many outlets and rapidly expanding operations. It has ranked number one in terms of the speed of opening new stores. The chain offers a host of hair & beauty services that are highly sought after by its ever-growing customer base.

Branches: 250+
Business Model: Franchise
Established: 2015

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Results After Introducing WhatsApp
Business Channel


Of incoming requests handled via WhatsApp


Higher conversion rates compared to SMS

Mobile apps do not work by themselves, we need to motivate customers to install the app and figure out its workings. This turns out to be a separate project with a significant budget that needs to be constantly supported. Therefore, the obvious choice for us was to use WhatsApp instead, which was already a popular app being used by the majority of our clients. They didn’t need to download it or understand its workings separately. This was super-convenient for both our clients and us. The combination was a win-win.


Alexey Lokontsev